What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept gold, WoW Tokens, and in-game mounts. We strive to accommodate our buyer’s needs, and all payment options are open for polite negotiation, as long as the currency method is not in violation of Blizzard’s ToS. (For example, we DO NOT accept cash or out-of-game currency as payment.) We can accept gold on other servers aside from Sen’jin, but prices will be higher for off-server buyers to offset the conversion to WoW tokens on our end. Contact Sheik (Sheik#11797) if you would like to discuss the possibility of different in-game payment options.
What days and times do you conduct sale runs?

Our sale runs take place on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM CST. Availability in each run is determined by the buyer’s loot needs and our progression calendar, so contact Sheik (Sheik#11797) to schedule your run.
Can I AFK during the sale run?

As long as you tag the boss at least once in order to maintain your loot eligibility, you can AFK during any of our runs. We require no minimum ilvl, experience, or skill from our buyers.
My girlfriend/friend/brother/cat wants to do the run as well. Do you offer group discounts?

In many cases, we do offer group discounts. Discounts are based on supply and demand for our runs at any given time, so contact us if you would like to negotiate a deal for you and your friends.
When do I have to pay you?

All payment is required prior to services being rendered. You are allowed to wait until we are standing at the boss to open trade if you wish, but we will not kill any bosses for you until payment has been received in full. If you would like to reserve your spot in an upcoming run, we require 50% down payment to hold that spot for the class/spec that you plan to bring.

Do you sell Mythic+ keystones, Karazhan, or other Nighthold difficulties?

Our sales are based on supply and demand. While we can and will run other dungeons and raids for an interested buyer, we ask our buyers to keep in mind that the time to gold ratio has to be lucrative for us. Contact Sheik (Sheik#11797) if you would like to negotiate a carry sale that you do not currently see advertised.

  • Battletag: Sheik#11797
  • Battletag: George#1904
  • Skype: Megan_AEA
  • Discord: Sheik#4427
  • Mumble: port: 55056